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Be the Best

An Excerpt from Clients First: The Two Word Miracle Our decision to put Clients First required us to not only know what we were doing but to know how to do it better than anyone else.  And because our commitment was so strong we felt a need to constantly find ways to be more and [...]

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Want To Get Business Brewing?

No Coffee On A Plane? So JoAnn told Anita to bump us to a later flight.  It had been a challenging Tuesday, the first day back from Labor Day weekend and there was no way to leave the office at 2:00pm.  Panic had actually set in the Friday before.  We were going to Dallas for [...]

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People Are Not Changed

An Excerpt from Clients First: The Two Word Miracle In my first attempt to put pen to paper after Charlotte, I wrote down a list of 122 ways to put clients first.  I did this in a flash of inspiration at two in the morning.  The next day JoAnn read my list and said, “I [...]

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Voters First?

Dallas, Texas – The Five Star Conference JoAnn and I spent the last week with George and Laura Bush.  Oh, there may have been a few thousand other real estate agents in the audience, but for us, it was an intimate look into the lives of a great American couple enjoying a life of service.  [...]

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A Dark and Stormy Night

An Excerpt from Clients First: The Two Word Miracle “What was that?” I asked. “You mean about the counter offer?” “No,” I said, “before that, about keeping the client.” We were driving north on 71st Street and I remember it vividly like when Kennedy got shot or watching on television as the second tower of [...]

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