Brandon’s Story

JoAnn and I were in Dallas, Texas, for a Real Estate Conference and before going home we reserved a day to see our Granddaughter and her family. January had just given birth to Shea, her second son and fifth child, so Nanny was dying to see the baby. They originally moved to Dallas for Brandon to get his degree in Chiropractic.

We met at Buca di Beppo, a pizza place which catered to families. We sat at a table for eight and passed Shea around as the rest of the children challenged our delightful waiter. Brandon was his usual quiet self.  He and January met in high school and have been inseparable since, which includes a long period of higher education for both. January is only a few credits from a degree of her own, financed by student loans, food stamps, part time jobs and the occasional help from Nanny and Papa. It was never much and we have marveled at their combined ingenuity to survive and qualify for an ever-mounting government approved debt.

This was early June 2011, and Brandon had graduated almost two years before. For reasons unknown even to Brandon, he had thus far been unable to launch his career. His practice had no patients and he was currently working nights parking cars at the Anatole, a Dallas hotel.

After lunch, we took them next door to Costco and filled their old van with goodies from every shelf in the store.  As we were saying our goodbyes in the parking lot, JoAnn mentioned, almost as an afterthought, that we had written a book.  This was early in the life of Clients First.  I believe only the original three readers even knew of its existence.

January was excited and insisted we send her the manuscript, which we did as soon as we returned home to Scottsdale.  About three weeks later, January called to say she was mad at Brandon because he was reading the book before her.  JoAnn said some “Nanny” words of reassurance about January having her hands full with five children.

We thought nothing more of it until the following letter came in the mail.

July 12, 2011

Hi Joseph and JoAnn, 

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. Very impressive read.  I loved how simple everything was. I found myself thinking, “What will they talk about next?” after you revealed the Three Keys, as that seemed to encompass all anyone needed to know. Obviously not, as Part II and Part III expanded on those concepts really, really well. It was beautifully written and really addressed a way to be successful that most books don’t address. It’s usually how to improve yourself, not how to improve the lives of those you serve. So simple, but so different at the same time.

It was also good for me in the sense that even though we have a Clients First mentality with our practice, there’s always more I can do to up the ante for our patients.

I really appreciate the opportunity to read a copy of the manuscript before it became a success. I told January that with the way things are going for you guys, I really wouldn’t be surprised to see this book become a best-seller. It is that good, in my opinion.

Dr. Brandon R. Harshe

Practice? Patients? I didn’t even know the young man could put pen to paper. Brandon and I had a relationship limited to simple sentences and few of those at that. JoAnn was equally impressed and called January to get an update. It seemed that some good fortune had come their way in the form of a weekly invite for Brandon to drive to Childress, Texas, 250 miles west of Dallas.  He had already made the trip twice, driving over four hours in the early morning, taking patients all day and driving back home late that same night.

Imagine our surprise when this small opportunity turned into an invitation for the Harshes to pull up stakes and move to Childress. Then, we received this text message from January in September:

“Made $4,600 in August and paid all our bills for the first time ever. Whoooey!”

The good news via phone calls, emails and text messages has continued since and brought tears of joy on more than one occasion. They rented a house with a big yard. Brandon was interviewed on the radio. They rented a large downtown office and a patient traded painting help for chiropractic adjustments. They had a ribbon cutting ceremony and their pictures were in the local newspaper. Their patient list grows each week.

They came for Christmas, seven souls in a tired Suburban which was an upgrade from the van we filled in Dallas. They were tired and elated and hopeful. I actually had conversations with my grandson-in-law for the first time.  On Christmas morning we gave them money towards a new adjustment table and an advance reading copy of Clients First. Brandon handled the book like a treasure and I was once again moved by the change in their lives.

It was January who told us that they talk about Clients First all the time. They apply the Three Keys, put their patients first and Childress has truly been their miracle.

The night before they hit the road to go back to the rural openness of the Texas panhandle, we went to dinner, the four of us, as Aunt Kelly volunteered to watch the brood. At some point after the meal, January and JoAnn got up to go to the ladies room and Bandon and I sat there, a little of the old awkwardness still present. Wanting to say something, Brandon just up and declared, “I think we’ll make $200,000 next year.” I covered my surprise pretty well but could have fallen over with little more encouragement than a small breeze.

I have since thought of that moment with pride and admiration. While I would like to think the book changed Brandon, I know that Brandon did the work. We are so proud of  him and January.


With the advent of a new year, we continue to hear from Childress, Texas.  The Harshes still prosper, averaging 31 new patients a month.  The children are now in school.  They had been home schooled until recently.  At last report they have begun addressing the student loans, paying extra on the smallest one first, until they can retire the debt.   By June it will be a year since our granddaughter said she wanted to read Nanny’s book. By then it will be time for January’s Story.


6 comments on “Brandon’s Story

  1. Bonnie on said:

    Thank you for the book. Those Callaways live by the name of the book. They are the best in the real estate business.

    Thank you, thank you.

    Bonnie & Alan F.

  2. Bonnie & Alan Fils on said:

    Thank you, thank you for our copy of “Clients First”. We enjoyed the book immensely. Not only did we laugh but some tales brought tears to our eyes.

    The team of “Those Callaways” definitely represent “Clients First.”

    Happy and healthy holidays to all.

    Thanks again.

  3. Bea Goodman on said:

    Hi JoAnn & Joseph-
    I just finished your book, which was wonderful. It repeated some of my fathers words about honesty and a job well done. My sister
    and I have followed those words all our lives, but it was great
    to hear you say them.He had 3 daughters also. I wrote to you by
    your first names because by the time I finished the book I felt
    I was a friend.

    Thanks for being THOSE CALLAWAYS

  4. Bruce L Bleiman on said:

    Interesting easy read. Certainly filled with insight and meaning. A simple concept that really drives to the heart of service. I will forever hold the three keys close. Thank You… Funny, I’m from Charlotte and have alot of memories at Harper’s.

  5. Brett R on said:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience. I just became a Real Estate agent a few months ago and I have felt so unmoved by many of the activities I have been told are what you need to do to be successful. Your book put into words what I was thinking and feeling. I now face my new career with renewed optimism and determination. Thank you for helping me find the right path!!

    • Those Callaways on said:

      It can be so difficult to find your place in new professions; we’re so happy to know that Clients First renewed your optimism for you future in real estate. We wish you every success in your future endeavors and hope that the Clients First philosophy will help you along the way. Please let us know if we can do anything to help you accomplish your goals.

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